Re-purposed chairs

We live in a rented house that is partly furnished by the landlord, so the majority of the furniture in it isn’t ours. We have bought some of our own things over the (almost ten) years we’ve been here – mainly bookshelves! We also bought a dining table with folding chair for space-saving reasons (we wouldn’t have been able to fit a high chair in, apart from anything else) when B came along:

kitchen table

We put two of the landlord’s chairs into the attic and re-purposed the others for the nursery and our bedroom:


We use this one to sit on when giving B her feed before bed and if she wakes in the night. The rabbit cushion was from Wilko (AKA Wilkinsons but they don’t seem to call it that anymore), but they no longer sell them, alas.

The one in the bedroom doesn’t really get used to sit on, but it fills a corner and makes the room look at bit more homely and comfy than it did:

bedroom chair 1

bedroom chair 2

This cushion is a Wilko one as well and the bag is one I got for my birthday a few years ago. Our bedroom has a sort of ‘a garden and a library’ theme, which evolved from the things we had rather than being planned in any way.

Another re-purposed chair is also in the bedroom. This one is a large office chair that came with the house that’s always been in the bedroom because we didn’t know where else to put it (no office!). I used a throw which was meant for the sofa to cover up its ‘officey-ness’:

office chair

And a Wilko’s cushion, obviously…If you hadn’t guessed already, I have a thing for cushions…and Wilkinson’s…


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