Kitchen storage details

Our fairly small kitchen/diner doubles as the office-type space, so it’s been quite important for us to find good storage solutions here; something that has been made extra tricky by our mis-match of the landlord’s and our furniture! This post is just to show a few things I quite like, storage wise, although I admit the overall look is quite random and not necessarily what I would ideally like to have! The constraints of budgets and renting…

Kitchen shelving

As you can see, the combination of furniture doesn’t really ‘go’, and there is a lot of clutter – but not as much as there used to be! (Sorry I don’t have any ‘before’ pictures). You can see we have office stuff on the third shelf of what was a bookshelf. The other shelves are mainly taken up with baby things and cereals and a large green box of paper for the printer, and the bottom shelves (which you can’t see) have tins on them; so it really is rather random!

We found Wilko (again, I know!) has a lot of good, smallish, storage solutions, including these baskets and boxes:

containing baby stuff

I found an exciting-coloured bowl in a charity shop, where we store B’s snacks:

blue bowl

The colour scheme is basically ‘as colourful as possible’ because the woodwork in the kitchen is very dark and the room doesn’t get much light in the mornings. I wanted to try and use white and bright colours to make it look a bit less gloomy, which I think has worked.

For extra space-saving storage we bought some hook-on hooks which fit onto the ex-bookshelf:


I try to keep the sideboard looking more formal and tidy, but odd things do get on there:

sideboard animals
I like to think of these as Mr C, B and me! They are actually erasers Mr C bought  for me from Paperchase.


As I’ve said, it’s all a bit of a mish-mash, but I think it’s sort of fun and interesting at the same time.


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