De-cluttering in the kitchen (again!)

When I looked at the photos I’d taken for my previous post I came to the conclusion that another de-clutter of the kitchen sideboard was required! So, I have been inspired by my own blog – at least that’s something! Anyway, I decided to go through the cupboards and drawers and give them a tidy and try and remove some of the things from the shelves to make it look less cluttered. I managed to get ride of a whole bag-and-a-bit of stuff for the charity shop, and moved a few things around, and I think it looks better now, inside and out.


Kitchen shelving


sideboard after

I particularly like the fact that I can now see all my recipe books properly!

Inside, the drawers have also been tidied. I remembered a storage solution I’d used previously but forgot to write about in my other post: take-away meal boxes! They make useful dividers for bigger drawers:



9 thoughts on “De-cluttering in the kitchen (again!)

  1. That does look better. I have been having a bit of a purge of my own house recently and have recycled quite a few things. It makes me feel happy knowing that everything is well organised. But I haven’t got round to the kitchen yet. The kitchen drawers looks a bit messy so I think I need some divider boxes – good excuse to get a take-away 🙂

    1. Yep! I think the phrase ‘tidy house tidy mind’ has something to it (my dad used to say it a lot!) It does help me feel calmer when things are tidy(er).

  2. My husband and I just had an argument on this very subject. I like to purge and he likes clutter. Our pantry is a disaster. You’ve given me hope! lily

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