Rochester sweeps up!

We had a nice Bank Holiday Monday yesterday. B and I went to the Sweeps Festival in Rochester. It was very busy and full of interesting things, people and dogs for B to look at, so she (fortunately) didn’t mind being in her pushchair for most of the time. We went to the Cathedral Tea Rooms garden so she could get out of the pushchair, but unfortunately she is scared of grass at the moment so that didn’t really work out! Here are a few pictures of the day (none of B, sorry!):


2 thoughts on “Rochester sweeps up!

  1. That sounds like a lovely day out. I like traditional events like that and it must have been interesting for Babymouse to look at the colourful Morris dancers and everything going on. The weather looked great too. It is funny that she is scared of grass – I wonder why.

  2. I’m pleased to say B is no longer scared of grass! I think it was just that it was a texture she hadn’t really experienced before. She seems OK with it now, thank goodness!

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