Around the nursery

The nursery, as it isn’t really known (we tend to call it B’s room), used to be the spare room. It is probably the room that’s undergone the most radical changes over the past year or so. Before, as is often the case with spare rooms, it was a place where we dumped everything we didn’t know what else to do with and stored lots of books we didn’t have shelf space for elsewhere. We had a spare bed, and it has built in wardrobes, so it was OK for someone to stay in, but that didn’t happen very often. Also, it was very dusty!

When we knew B was on the way we started gradually clearing out the house and making in more baby friendly. We took everything out of the spare room excerpt the bookshelves, which now serve as shelves to store B’s clothes, things and toys on. We’ve used storage boxes from Wilko (yes!) to put her clothes in – they work well for little clothes but we might have to re-think when she gets bigger. For toys, we found that baskets/buckets meant for use in the garden make cheap storage. We have a small one in B’s room and a bigger one downstairs.

The other bookshelf holds B’s books (many of which used to be my books and the others are presents she’s had from various people – quite a lot of books for a small person) and a few toys and things.

As you’ll see, the room is very white, which is good, because this gives us a nice plain background to work with. I’ve tried to find colourful accessories and pictures to go on the walls – although a black and white one I really like also crept in. All the pictures in B’s room are framed greetings or postcards – it’s much cheaper to make pictures like this rather than buying ‘proper’ prints. Even unframed prints are much more expensive than postcards or greetings cards.

Finally, here is a picture of the room as a whole, or as much of it as I could fit in – it’s a small room, so there’s not really a place to stand to take a photo where you can get the whole room into the picture!

Not a very good photo, sorry

The rug is a rag rug from Amazon, but you can get them from all sort of places if you search online. The yellow chair you can just see in the corner is one I had when I was small. My dad painted it yellow and my mum made the cushion cover (sorry you can’t see it) to match the curtains in my room (teddy bears’ picnic)! The monkey also used to be mine!

I should really have taken a photo from the other side of the room as well, but this didn’t occur to me at the time. Anyway, I hope this has given you some idea of what B’s room is like and also some ideas for decorating nurseries/babies’ rooms.


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