Framed! 5 tips for framing cards & postcards

As I mentioned in my previous post, we have used postcards and greetings card as ‘art’ in our house, as these are (a) cheaper and (b) easier to come by than actual prints. So, here are my tips for quickly, cheaply and easily framing postcards and cards

1. Use what you already have 

Take a look in your own postcard collection, if you have one, or look through any old greetings cards you might have saved. Also, see if you have any old photo frames you could just change the images in, rather than finding new ones. I did this with the pictures now in B’s room. We used to have this frame in our bedroom with photos of flowers in it.

Postcards from my collection
Postcards from my collection

2. Collect freebies

Postcards are sometimes given away as promotional freebies. Waterstones were giving away sets of postcards as part of their promotion when the first The Hobbit film came out. I framed two of them in this set of three for our bedroom wall. The other one (the eagle) I bought from the Bodleian Library shop.

Hobbit postcards

3. If it doesn’t fit, resize it

You can either do this by getting the scissors out or by scanning the image and resize it. If you decide to use the traditional scissors method but don’t really want to cut up a treasured postcard (like my eagle postcard above), you could make a colour photocopy of the image and cut that up instead (this is what I did).

4. Frequent charity shops

Most charity shops have a good selection of used picture frames. You may have to search a bit to find what you want, but it will probably be worth it to save on the price. Some other shops also do a nice selection of frames for not too much money, but for larger frames you will definitely pick up more of a bargain from a charity shop.You might also find old/antique postcards in charity shops; these can make really interesting wall art.

5. Don’t be afraid to mix and match

I think a collection of  different styles of frames together on a wall looks great, and you certainly don’t need to stick to the same style throughout your room. This makes finding and using charity shop frames a lot easier as they tend to have a whole mixture of styles rather than several matching frames. See below for some ideas!

Picture via Chrissie Trueman on Pinterest

Have fun framing!


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