The great wardrobe clear out!

The big, built in wardrobe in our bedroom had been a mini dumping ground since we moved into our house. It’s actually a great space, and we weren’t making the most of it at all. My suitcase was still sitting on the top shelf since I put it there when we moved in almost 10 years ago! Things had got even worse recently as I’d left bags of B’s old clothes in there, ready to be given away/sold. The poor wardrobe wasn’t a pretty sight:

full-up wardrobe
Part way through the clear out – it was even worse before I started!

It was one of those jobs where I didn’t know where to start, really, which I suppose is why I’d left it for so long. In the end, I decided to start at the top and work down. I’m not sure how logical that was, but it seemed to work.

Happy wardrobe
Happy wardrobe!

There are still some bags of clothing in there, but they’ve mainly been hidden in the crates at the bottom left – the big bags on the top shelf are (hopefully) going to be returned to their generous donors when their next baby arrives. I was quite pleased to be able to get rid of at least four bags of stuff for the charity shop – hence now there is space to fit all my clothes in one place (I’d previously kept a few things in Mr C’s cupboard).


It’s nice to see the bottom of the wardrobe, although it was horribly dusty when I first uncovered it!

In case you’re thinking of having a clear-out, here are a few guidelines I found useful:

  • Have plenty of plastic bags at the ready.
  • Divide the things you want to get rid of into items to give away, stuff to recycle and stuff to bin  and put in the appropriate bags as you go along (this saves your room being too strewn with things).
  • Be ruthless! If you haven’t worn something in over a year (at most) it should go. Similarly for things you haven’t made use of in a long time.
  • Use boxes to keep things tidy and under control. You can use cardboard boxes if you have them (old shoe boxes are very useful) or can get hold of some from a supermarket or elsewhere, or you can buy storage boxes from lots of places (e.g. Wilko, or The Works).

It’s not rocket science, but it does require some time and effort. I think clearing out/de-cluttering is always worth doing though. It makes me feel less burdened, in some weird way.


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