A garden and a library: developing a theme

a garden and a library

I’ve always liked this quotation, so I’m not really surprised it evolved as a theme when I was sorting out/re-styling our main bedroom. I think it all started with the curtains – they’re flowery, and then we had to move our books from the lounge and the nursery (then the spare room) when B moved into her room. So there were flowers and books…a garden and a library.

A lot of our house is full of colourful things. I like bright colours and quirky items (especially brightly coloured ones), plus we have small child who I think has influenced my choice of colour scheme in most of the house. However, I wanted our bedroom to me a place of peace, quiet and sanctuary with a noticeably different feel than then rest of the house. A child-free zone, I suppose (although in reality B often does come into our room if we need to keep an eye on her while putting clothes away or whatever). So, because of this, and in keeping with the theme, I’ve tried to keep the colour scheme as natural as possible, with nothing too bright (I know there are bright colours in nature, but they are not in our room!), and add accessories that have a connection to nature. [This all sounds a bit pretentious, sorry!]

I also tried to tie colours in to this poster, which I bought to put on the plinth over the stairs but then I was worried about it falling on someone’s head. Now it leans against the wall in our room in what we pretend is an arty manner:


I do like a nice old-fashioned railway poster.

Here’s a bit of the ‘library’:



The books we have upstairs are all non-fiction – the fiction is still in the lounge, apart from the children’s books, which are in B’s room. I bought the clock from a local quilting shop, bizarrely, but you can also get them from dotcomgiftshop. The shells are from Broadstairs – a nice memory from a holiday Mr C and I had a few years ago.

pine cone
The pine cone is from Israel so it’s near the books about the Old Testament #classification

I already had this tree jewellery holder and the decoupage-y box (below). I think I’ve had this box since I was about 10 years old, and when I was about 18 years old I decided to cover it with pictures from an old ‘Edwardian Lady Diary’, which I did and then brushed clear glue over the top of the pictures. Fortunately, both items fit quite well in to the garden and a library theme…


…as does the Penguin book bag…

bedroom chair 1

and the Hobbit postcards…


Hobbit postcards

So, all in all, the room has developed quite nicely, I think. It is definitely the most neutral room in the house is terms of colour. I like it – I find the presence of books and the hints of nature and the outside world comforting – and if we can’t sleep we can always get a book of the shelf to read!


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