Oh no, George!

B is really into books at the moment. We have a box of them downstairs and when she wants one she points at the box and goes ‘agggh’ (or something like that) – she can say a lot of words, but not ‘book’! One of her favourite books is Oh No, George! by Chris Haughton. It is a most excellent book.

The illustrations are great for babies and toddlers – quite simple and bright, but there are details like the expressions on George’s face that make the book fun for adults to read, too. The story is very sweet  – poor George wants to be good when his owner goes out, but he can’t quite resist the temptations of cake to eat, a cat to ‘play with’ or soil to dig! Can he make amends and turn over a new leaf? Well, you will have to read the book and see…

Also, please check out Chris Haughton’s website for more George-related gems and other cool books and things.


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