A new series: Tuesday Treasures

In an effort to post more regularly, I’ve decided to start a new mini-series – Tuesday Treasures. This will be a series of posts about things in our house that I particularly love. So, what’s first?

This (above) is a pepper pot I found in a charity shop years ago. I really love the design on it – the it reminds me of the countryside around where I grew up. I don’t know what make it is – I wish I did because I would love to find the matching salt pot!


2 thoughts on “A new series: Tuesday Treasures

  1. I really like the pepper pot. Most of my (very few) ornaments come from craft fairs or charity shops. Nearly all of the pictures on the walls have been painted by my husband (he had a phase on water colour painting a few years ago). I like things that are (or look like they are) handmade.
    I have been looking around at the bits and pieces in my own house and it has made me realise that although I like most of the things there are a few that I don’t. I think I will be having a sort out soon 🙂

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