Baby holiday

This weekend I’ve had a baby holiday in two senses: (1) a very short holiday and (2) the holiday has been a holiday from the baby – Mr C has taken B to visit his parents for a few days. I stayed at home…which has been weird, but mainly nice. So far, I have done the following:

#tea at Boho Cafe, #Canterbury.

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Looking out of the #window. Boho Cafe, #Canterbury

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Evening walk through Dane John Gardens, #Canterbury #trees #spring

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    • Met up with some work friends for drinks and dinner
    • Went to Sandwich to meet up with a friend from university and her family

    Lovely afternoon in #Sandwich with @sarahgiles and family

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      • Ate sandwiches (in Sandwich) and ready meals (holiday from cooking)
      • Didn’t wash up for three days (holiday from washing up)
      • Went to church. Unsurprisingly, everyone wanted to know where Mr C and B were!
      • Tidied  and sorted B’s room, clothes, and cupboards including creating another four bags of baby stuff to give away
      • Tidied the noticeboard
      • Sorted out the address book
      • Tidied the front garden
      • Patched a hole in the plastic sheet we have under B’s highchair
      • Did some washing and put it down (it got rained on)
      • Had a bath and washed my hair without having to worry about how long I took
      • Walked to and around Rochester. Went to the Deaf Cat, which was lovely. I’d never been there before, either. I highly recommend the tuna and olive panini, and I also liked the fact that their small cups of tea are actually small! Also, the toilets are nice and they welcome babies and dogs!

      It’s amazing how much you can get done when there isn’t a small person to keep an eye on! Having said that, I have missed B and Mr C…I kept wanting to pick up other people’s babies! I’ll see them again soon, though, as they’re coming back tonight. So back to ‘normal’ tomorrow.

      I’m taking B for her final taster session at nursery before she starts there properly on Wednesday. She went to a couple of taster sessions last week (with my mum) and she was OK apart from when mum first left her on her own. B starting nursery feels like another new chapter of our lives, which I suppose it is. I’m mainly feeling alright about it – I think she will benefit from going as she’s now at the stage of getting a bit bored at home, I think. She prefers to be out and about looking at people and things – she is very observant and alert, and her vocabulary is really coming on well. I think she’s concentrating on speaking above other things, as she’s not walking yet. She walks on her knees a lot, wearing out her trousers!  My main concern about B going to nursery is that Mr C and I work about an hour’s journey away from home, so it will take us a while to get back to her should anything untoward happen. I’ve been looking for jobs nearer to home – I had an interview last week – but no luck so far.


      One thought on “Baby holiday

      1. That sounds like a wonderful break. It was very interesting to read about the history of Eastbridge Hospital and you seem to find particularly good cafes as well :). It must have been a luxury to get to wander round on your own, soaking up the atmosphere.

        My grandson (aged one) has just started nursery part time as well. My daughter was worried about leaving him but he is settling down well.

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