Space saving in a small bathroom

This comes down to one word: storage. So what are the options for small bathroom? Ours is very small, you can’t really fit more than one person in it at a time, unless one of them is in the bath, on the toilet or is a small child….which is fun when we both give B her bath! Fortunately, there was already a small wall-mounted bathroom cabinet in the room when we moved in. This is where the pink crab sleeps:

IMG_8545 crab cupboard

I recently washed the pink crab after years of him sitting on the cupboard and realised that, although he is supposed to be a bath sponge-type thing, he turns the water pink! Perhaps it’s just because he’s so old.

In addition to the cupboard, we also have a set of two wicker drawers, rather like  these next to the toilet. I refuse to post a picture of ours on here as the metal bits have rusted and they look a bit yucky.

Moving on…I recently decided to gather up the bath things into a basket rather than having them spread across the window sill:

bathroom basket

I have a thing about putting things into baskets/boxes at the moment. I think it must be something to do with trying to maintain some kind of control…Anyway, I think it looks better and saves space. The fish is one of B’s squirty bathtime animals!

As we now use more towels (B), I decided to do something about the lack of towel hanging space in the bathroom. I found these slightly unusual over-the-door hooks from Tiger:

man hook IMG_8889

Finally, this is nothing to do with space saving, I just like it:

bath mat

Guess where it’s from


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