A week of ups and (falling) downs

I haven’t blogged anywhere for a few days as B and I went to visit my parents last week while Mr C went to re-enact the Battle of Waterloo and be interviewed for Radio 4, as you do. It was supposed to be a break for me as well, but it wasn’t really, as I had almost sole charge of B – mum and dad were quite willing to help out, but unfortunately B was (a) ill with a cold, (b) teething and (c) in an unfamiliar place (although she has been there before), so she was very clingy and wouldn’t let anyone else hold her for the first few days (at least not without crying most mightily).

We mainly had a nice time, though. We went to the local farm park again, which B likes (but probably not quite as much as I like it) and saw some very cool young animals – the kid goats were my favourite this time. We also went to various parks as B loves swings at the moment:

B on swing

She has also developed a taste (sometimes literally) for Lego. Hooray! She particularly likes reading the accompanying leaflet:

B with Lego leaflet

She is still not walking (at 16 months), but I’ve met a few people whose babies haven’t walked until 19 months so I’m not too worried…yet. She does like to walk around on her knees, which apparently is a bit unusual! Unfortunately, one side effect of her not walking is that she ‘has’ to be carried a lot, which is very tiring, not to mention a bit dangerous if you happen to fall over when carrying her, which I managed to do twice this past week! Once I fell off my friend’s (well, her toddler’s) swing, which was embarrassing rather than anything else but not so good for poor B who was rather shocked as you can imagine. The next time was a bit worse. I was carrying B round the farm park and I was so busy looking at a large goat that I stepped into a dip in the ground and overbalanced and fell over. Fortunately, I managed to sort of roll over and try and place B on the ground before I landed (my brother said it was a bit of a slow-mo film fall) but she still ended up with a little bruise on her head…and I ended up with some big bruises on my knees and arms!

Anyway, mostly it was good, and I did get to see my friend H, and my brother, neither of whom I see very often, and I ate lots of my mum’s nice food and had a Chinese tea (dinner) with my aunt and uncle and realised again what a lovely place I grew up in. It was just very, very tiring. It definitely made me appreciate (even more) what Mr C does for B and me at home. Also, B learned lots of new words, including: bye, book, Lego, play, down, no [alas], more, please (sometimes), mummy, granddad, alpaca, pigeon.


2 thoughts on “A week of ups and (falling) downs

  1. Hehe, fame for Mr C:)
    I bet your Mum and Dad thoroughly enjoyed having you and Babymouse to stay for a few days. She looks adorable in the photos.
    I shouldn’t worry that she is not walking yet. It sounds as if she is too busy working on her vocabulary. My grandson is the same age and is walking but he is nowhere near as advanced as Babymouse at talking. They all learn different things at their own pace. Anyway she will have to learn to walk soon as it sounds dangerous being carried 🙂

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