A look around the lounge

We made a lot of changes to the lounge after the arrival of B. Here is the ‘TV area’ before:

2011-11-28 22.30.26

This one (above) was taken in 2011 – it must have been sometime around my husband’s birthday – hence all the cards! Sorry about the bad quality photos in this post – some of them were taken on my phone and the others were taken in poor light on a mediocre camera.

Here’s the same area yesterday:

new TV

As you can see, the area is now much less cluttered and much more baby-friendly! The big toys were bought at a nearly-new sale or handed down from B’s cousins.

book box

B already has too many books (not that such a thing really exists, of course). She has the ones she reads most often in the boxes downstairs, and then some more on her shelves in her room. She likes books – thank goodness for the public library! The green box came from Wilko.

We got the two boxes underneath from The Works.I bought the London Underground one because I like it – the other one is a Very Hungry Caterpillar one. The lounge is a bit of a mish-mash of colours and styles but I’ve tried to get some sort of continuity in the room in the sense that there are a lot of bright colours around (I know that doesn’t sound like continuity, but some of the colours are even the same ones!) – some of it looks more like a playroom than a lounge, but such is the nature of having a child in the house, I suppose.



Note very mish-mashy chairs and cushions – the joy of renting a partly furnished house! Basically, if you rent a part-furnished house, mish-mash (AKA eclectic if you’re being designer-y) is the easiest way to go!


The sofa bed (above) is ours. We bought the Union Jack cushion (in a sale at the now defunct Past Times) mainly because we’re fans of Sherlock and there is a very similar cushion in the modern BBC version of 221b Baker Street. #silly

The round table in the corner has another mish-mash – this time of pictures..and my favourite lamp:

I haven’t photographed the other corner of the room, mainly because it’s mainly take up with a travel cot that doubles as B’s play pen/holding area if we need to put her somewhere contained for a bit, and it’s not particularly interesting or nice to look at!

So, we have come to the end of the tour, for now…


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