“It’s not about the money, money, money”, sings Jessie J. But it is.

Did you know that Jessie J has a congenital heart defect? [Sorry this is a link to the Daily Mail, I won’t do it again]. That fact is nothing to do with this post.

Over the weekend I did some sums and I worked out that, after paying for childcare and train fares, I earn about £15 a week, which I then spend on food. It’s not quite as bad as that really, as we are paying for B’s nursery fees out of our savings, so I do take home more than £15 a week, but all that means is it’s disappearing from somewhere else. This somewhere else, our savings, is (soon to be was) our house deposit fund. We have a massive deposit by most people’s standards, but we still can’t get a mortgage because we don’t earn enough. The problem we now have is that once we’ve paid B’s nursery fees for the next 3 years we won’t have much of the savings left so we still won’t be able to buy a house even if we ever achieve Bookmouse’s Plan for Owning Our Own Home (aka B-POOOH) (get better paid jobs and/or move north).

Of course, we don’t need to own our own home. What is the British obsession with this? People on the continent and in America don’t have this obsession do they? Renting is a perfectly acceptable way to live…but. Your house is not your own and you’re at the mercy of your landlord (we’re lucky ours is good) and the estate agents (ours are bad but we have as little to do with them as possible).

Anyhow, at least we have savings, otherwise I don’t know where we’d be. I think I would have to give up work (to save money  – the irony!), which would be bad because it’s helping to keep me sane at the moment. Now there’s something I never thought I’d write…


4 thoughts on ““It’s not about the money, money, money”, sings Jessie J. But it is.

  1. Yes there is no obvious solution to the problem of buying a house. To get a house in a reasonable area, walking distance to the station, reasonable commute and near good schools is probably unachievable at the moment if you stay in London. But moving jobs is stressful – it depends how badly you want to do it.

  2. I hear you pain, and its madness. As I’ve complained to anyone listening. I would love to call a home my own.I think maybe thats what it’s more about, knowing it’s yours and not needing to ask permission or putting money for improvments into someone elses investment.
    But we are coming up short for round here even with out sizeable deposit and yet everyday there are more and more porsches and lamboghinis driving fast around the area. I despair.
    Its speading out everywhere, and I’m sick of people telling me, well you just need to move to somewhere you dont like.

    1. Quite. We could probably just about (if we still had some of our deposit) afford somewhere fairly near where we are now but it wouldn’t be in an area of town we’d want to live in.

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