A wizard party!

Mr C, B, and I went to B’s cousin’s 5th birthday party on Sunday. We went to stay with in-laws for the weekend and had  a good time with them, and the party, brilliantly organised and hosted by my Mr C’s sister and her husband, was a great success.

B was a bit wary of the children at first (the noise!), but she seemed to enjoy herself a bit more later on.2015-07-19 11.31.37

And here is the pièce de resistance: the cake – baked and decorated by Mr C’s sister. She spent lots of hours and (probably too much) stress over it, including a worrying time when we weren’t sure that the rabbit’s ears were going to hold up! Fortunately, they did:

2015-07-19 10.30.54


One thought on “A wizard party!

  1. Aaaah, lovely photo of Babymouse. She is really growing up.
    The cake is brilliant. I love the cupcakes next to it – really cute. Glad that the rabbit’s ears stayed on 🙂

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