Kitchen shelves makeover

I have managed to do some things other than sleep during my week off.  One of which was tidying and de-cluttering the set of falling to bits shelves we have in the kitchen. I bought these about 10 years ago, and they’ve always been a bit dodgy as some of the slats for the shelves weren’t in the box so we’ve had to improvise with bits of cardboard and things instead. I guess I should have sent it back, but I didn’t have the willpower and the time.

Here are the shelves before:

Kitchen shelving


And here they are after:




As you can see, boxes were involved, as usual with me. I like to put things in boxes. I think it might relate to my love of classification and…control! [Insert evil laughter here]. But boxes really do help in tidying. These green ones were on sale in Wilko. I like the fact that the biscuit tin goes with the green and red boxes; this was a happy coincidence! Using the boxes works well on these shelves because it doesn’t matter that there are gaps in the slats as the boxes cover them and don’t fall through! It’s practical and looks a lot better, I think.

I’m also pleased I was able to display my 50p jug a bit better. (Another Wilko bargain).



2 thoughts on “Kitchen shelves makeover

  1. That looks so much better. I have three big brown faux leather boxes which match our sofa. I keep the grandchildren’s toys in there and it works well as the lounge looks ‘grown up’ and tidy when everything is packed away 🙂

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