Gardening time

After neglecting the garden for ages I’ve finally got around to tidying up the front garden and putting some new plants in to replace the dead lavender:

Lavender (Edelweiss) and lemongrass
Lavender (Edelweiss) and camomile
Fushia. Grown from plants my mum had sent through the post!
Fuchsia. Grown from plants my mum had sent through the post!
Hanging strawberry
Hanging strawberry

Although you can’t tell, I cleared loads of dead leaves away – there are still quite a few left and the garden is quite stony and full of bits that are not soil, as you can see. I’m not sure how long the new plants will last, as it’s been really dry here over the past few days. The camomile in particular is looking a bit sad already! I need to water them more, but sometimes it gets to that time of the evening and I’m too tired to do it! Poor plants! At least we’ve had a tiny bit of rain today. Must water them tonight though, even so.

I also cleared out some dead plants from the back garden, but that was one of those tasks that didn’t really achieve anything in terms of making the garden look any better. I think I need to get some more plants to put in the back, and there are still a couple of gaps in the front as well. I might transplant the fuchsias from their pots into the garden and see how they get on.

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3 thoughts on “Gardening time

  1. They look great. Our garden was fully stocked when we moved in so we don’t really need to plant anything. I have to admit that some of the plants in pots have not survived due to us not watering enough though 😦 On the bright side we have a water meter so it is saving us money 🙂

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