First crocheted wrist-warmers

Following the dubious ‘success’ of the crocheted cowl I made for my friend S, I decided to make her some wrist-warmers to go with it. The pattern is “Wrist Warmers” from Hook, Yarn and Crochet, by Ros Badger. Unfortunately, I, in my wisdom, decided the wrist-warmers looked too short when I first cast on, so I increased the number of stitches. This should have been OK, but somehow they came out different lengths! They are also Quite Large.

crochet wrist warmers

crochet wrist warmers

Never mind, S seems to like them and at least they’re warm!

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2 thoughts on “First crocheted wrist-warmers

  1. They look like they will be nice and warm. I suppose it makes sense to keep your wrists warm in winter. Also they are easy to crotchet 🙂

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