Quick catch-up

Guess, what? I’m tired! In other news…

  • Despite catching every cold/bug going, B is doing well. She is still not walking unaided,  (she holds onto us, or anything else handy) but she a great talker and getting good at putting shapes in holes and things. We have an appointment with a podiatrist on Monday so they can check out her feet and see if she needs any help with her walking.
  • B is getting naughtier, alas! I used to think a 20 month year old couldn’t really be naughty because they didn’t know what naughty is, but I think I’ve changed my mind because B does things she knows we don’t want her to do and lets us know she knows as well! Her main ‘crime’ at the moment is throwing things and shouting ‘”Noooo!” at the same time. She threw everything almost constantly yesterday – at least that how it seemed to me but perhaps this was just the perception of an exhausted, frustrated mother.
  • My lovely supervisors left work – 2 within a few months of each other (different roles). Maybe it’s me? (It’s not, really…at least I don’t think so). I miss them.
  • We are in the process of (sort of) buying a house! It is quite exciting, but of course I’m trying not to get too excited in case it all goes horribly wrong, etc. I say sort of buying because really Mr C’s immensely generous parents are buying it for us and then we’re paying them back instead of taking out a mortgage. We’re hoping to move before Christmas, but we’re only about half way through the process so far so I’m not sure if this will happen.
  • I may be a bit obsessed with furniture and room layouts at the moment.
  • The park is looking lovely:



One thought on “Quick catch-up

  1. Oooh, it is exciting that you will get your own house! Keeping my fingers crossed for you that all goes smoothly with the purchase. It is fun deciding on room layouts. I remember that when we moved to our present house we measured all the new rooms and our furniture and had scale drawings and bits of paper and everything.

    That was because at one house we moved to we completely misjudged the size of one bedroom (which isn’t a good thing to discover on moving day).

    My daughter, her husband and our two little grandsons were staying with us last week. The younger one is the same as Babymouse and seems to have a constant cold.

    So far he is much more laid back than his older brother. His only ‘temper tantrum’ when he was here consisted of kicking his legs once and making an annoyed sound when he was picked up when he was in the middle of playing. My daughter thinks it is funny because the older one was much more dramatic. Of course things could change!

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