Stuff I’ve been doing recently

Apologies for the intermittent nature of this blog at the moment. There are lots of things I could blame, but I won’t. Anyhoo, the stuff:

  • Toddler-wrangling. B is a good girl really, but she does have her moments. We had a horrible day again on Tuesday. It seems to be Tuesdays that are worse – perhaps it’s because it’s the second day we’ve spent all day together. I think B gets bored at home and I have a feeling she is much happier at nursery, for various reasons including getting more attention (which may sound odd as it’s not one-to-one, but there are more nursery assistants than there are of me and they’re only there to look after the children and not (e.g.) attempt to get washing done, make dinners as well). Also, she likes being with other children, to a certain extent  – she talks about them when she’s not there and I think she misses them -, and then of course she is getting to do much more interesting things than she does at home. I’m seriously considering sending her to nursery for another day a week, but it is a question of finances…and also I have to ask myself if really I only want to do this to have an easier life…although, as I’ve said, I do think B is happier and better off being at nursery than when she’s with me all day.
  • Watching TV. I really enjoyed River. The last episode, which I watched on iPlayer last night, made me cry. I’ve also been watching: Doctor Who, which is annoying me; Masterchef: The Professionals, which is boring me; and The Apprentice, which I just should not watch because it’s ridiculous. Oh, also: CBeebies, which is ace or irritating depending on how long I’ve been watching it for. I am particularly enjoying Bing. Mark Rylance’s voice is very soothing and the storylines are realistic (ish).
  • Attempting to read books. I’ve been reading Tolkien and the Great War: the Threshold of Middle-Earth, for ages, even though it’s not really a very long book. I seem to have lost the desire to read on trains at the moment, which isn’t helping. I think this is because I’ve been
  • Listening to music on the train. A lot of Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran. Baa. Both of these have been relatively recent discoveries – yes, I am waaaaaaaaaaaay behind the youth (and everyone else) – but that’s because I’m not a youth. I’m still not sure about Ed. I am sure about Taylor. She is amazing, although I’m worried she doesn’t eat enough.
  • Working. A restructure is looming/happening.
  • I had a pacemaker check-up on Monday. I told the technician about the tiredness and she’s adjusted the rate-response setting, so it should kick in sooner (I think, I’m still not really up to speed about these things, which is foolish of me). I’m not sure it’s made any difference as yet, but then it has only been three days.



2 thoughts on “Stuff I’ve been doing recently

  1. My daughter has been doing quite a lot of toddler wrangling as well recently. After saying in my last post how easy her younger son is in comparison with his older brother, I definitely spoke too soon. His latest thing is that he doesn’t like wearing clothes and would prefer to walk round in just his nappy which is not really practical at this time of year 🙂

    It’s great that Babymouse is enjoying nursery so much. I think it is probably because there is a lot going on. I should imagine it is quite boring at home when you are that age and can’t talk much or understand the language well. Also, because she is so little it is probably boring for you as well, much as you love having her at home and are enjoying Bing 🙂

    It’s brilliant that you are managing to fit in some reading, even if it takes longer than normal and that you are discovering new music to listen to on the train.

    I find that I am beginning to enjoy listening to the type of music which my Mum used to listen to (which is a bit worrying).

    Hope all goes well with the restructuring at work and the house move. And that the pacemaker adjustment will make you feel less tired.

  2. Don’t feel too bad, Rockette and I would get bored all the time. 3pm was the tipping point, she loved nursery it is more exciting than home. That’s a good thing though, that’s what your paying all that money for.

    I love taylor swift, probably wrong to say.

    Im looking on with interest at the restructure..although it appears that I (&maybe all of us) may have a much bigger workload for no extra money..which is typical.

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