According to my blood test results I am lacking in vitamin D – this could be why (or at least partially why) I have been/am so tired. I don’t know how/why I don’t have enough vitamin D – I go outside everyday and I eat quite a lot of oily fish. It is odd. Anyway, now I have some vitamin D supplements which I have to take a massive dose of every day. They’re quite nice as pills go – a nice luminous blue colour. The GP is hopeful that I’ll feel less tired after I’ve been taking them for a while.

B is lacking in her usual chirpiness because she has a chest infection :(. She’s really rattly and has had some horrible high temperatures. I took her to the GP on Tuesday and she now has some antibiotics (aka banana medicine – I’m sure it’s still the same stuff I had when I was little). It’s proving quite difficult to get her to take this – she won’t take it off the spoon, so we’ve been mixing it in with her milk, but as she’s not feeling well she hasn’t been drinking her usual massive amounts of milk so I’m not sure she’s been getting her full dose of medicine. Also, she’s been sick quite a few times recently (again) – I think because she is coughing so much, poor thing – so then whatever she’s eaten comes right back out anyway!

Mr C is lacking in sleep because he looks after B at night and last night she was waking up and crying/moaning just about every 15 minutes. She didn’t really want anything – just company because she couldn’t sleep due to not feeling well, I think. I don’t know how Mr C stays so cheerful. He’s also looking after B today while I’m at work (I took the day off yesterday), so I hope they’ve been OK. We’re hoping B can go back to nursery tomorrow, but I think that might be wishful thinking.

Also, I found out today we probably won’t be able to complete the house buying process before Christmas; which is sort of annoying but sort of a relief as it means we don’t have to think much about moving until January, by which time I hope we all feel better.




One thought on “Lacking

  1. Mr C is great looking after Babymouse in the night and being cheerful as well. Most people (including me) are grumpy when they are not getting enough sleep.

    I can remember the battles getting my children to take medicine. I think it is slightly easier if they are distracted by something else such as watching a television programme and you act calm and nonchalant!

    It will be really fantastic if the Vitamin D works and you feel less tired.

    Yes, it’s good that you are not moving whilst Babymouse is ill. Hopefully she will be fit and well in time for Christmas.

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