Christmas trees and things

I hope you had a good Christmas and New Year. We had a nice time at my parents’ and seeing various friends and relations. B was much more aware of Christmas this year, which was quite nice – she enjoyed (sort of) singing Christmas songs, playing with wrapping paper and baubles and eating a lot of chocolate. She was fascinated by Christmas trees:


We were all intrigued and impressed by this year’s Christmas tree at St Pancras station. It’s huge (as usual) and made out of hundreds (thousands?) of Disney soft toys. While I’m not a massive Disney fan one can’t deny the inventiveness or feat of Christmas tree engineering that’s gone into making it:



B and Mr C admiring the ‘tree’

Apparently, fake snow comes out of the top of it every so often, but I didn’t see this. Someone said it was the best thing about the tree, and someone else said it ruined it a bit!

B and the rest of us had recovered from our colds etc. before Christmas, thankfully, so that was one less thing to worry about. Although she can be quite shy (and show it by turning her head away from people she doesn’t know if they try and talk to her) B coped quite well with meeting loads of people she hadn’t seen for a long time and sleeping in a different place for a few days. She seemed to grow up a lot in a week – saying loads of new words and putting two and sometimes three words together to make small sentences.

Things are moving forward on the house front, so we hope to be completed by the end of January at the latest. Then we have to give two months’ notice on our current house before we can actually move in properly, but this gives us time to do the (not very major) work that needs doing and buy furniture. I have been making many house-related Pinterest boards!



4 thoughts on “Christmas trees and things

  1. Wow, there are a lot of Disney toys there. It is sort of like the big mound of toys in the Disney stores but even bigger!

    It sounds like you all had a great Christmas. Babymouse looks entranced by the Christmas tree with all the coloured lights. Her language skills are really taking off aren’t they?

    We had a lovely Christmas with the family. It was quite hard to drag the elder grandson away from the computer game he is obsessed with (he is only five) but he enjoyed making a Batman mask to go with his Batman pyjamas and playing imaginative games with Duplo etc.

    He is a bit restricted with his toys at the moment because of his younger brother as a lot of toys are not suitable for under threes. The younger grandson enjoyed Duplo as well and pushing his little cars around. His favourite thing at the moment is putting things into containers and getting them out.

    In the evenings when the children were asleep we played games like Bananagrams and also a new three step version of Charades which was really fun. Also we watched several films. We went out a few times, to the park, a museum and to a neighbours house.

    Not long now till you are in your own house! I bet it is exciting planning what you are going to do with it. Looking forward to reading all about it.

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