Back again

Sorry for the lack of activity on this blog. I am in two minds about it (the blog) again. I don’t know whether to carry on with it or not. But, for now, here’s what’s been going on in the life of Bookmouse and family:


We have moved! It was all a bit stressful and mega-tiring, as these things are. I foolishly booked the move for when Mr C was at work and had run out of leave so couldn’t take any, so ended up having to coordinate everything on my own and unpack a lot on my own as well, but my parents came to help so it wasn’t totally awful.

The old kitchen on moving day. I was sitting on a chair in the middle of this lot

Anyway, three weeks later it looks like we’ve been in the house for a while, and it’s beginning to feel like home. I still miss our old house a bit, well, the neighbours more than the house, really. We now have quite noisy neighbours on one side, which is freaking me out a bit, though not as much as it was when we first moved in. I’m really sensitive to noise, for some reason, (I’m really sensitive to a lot of things, alas) so it’s not ideal, but Mr C and B aren’t bothered by it at all, most of the time. We’re thinking about having soundproofing put in to save my sanity, but I’m going to try and cope without it for a few months and then see, as soundproofing is rather expensive. Anyway, aside from that, the house is lovely. We have loads more space, so much so that Mr C’s boardgame collection has come down from the attic and is on shelves in the lounge, along with all our books, so the lounge now looks more like a library than anything else – no bad thing!

Shelves nearly filled…Perhaps we need to buy more books? Probably should get some curtains first.

As you can probably imagine, I’ve been very busy ordering furniture and things for the house – Ikea and Argos have done particularly well out of us. Many flat-packed items have been made, mainly by Mr C and our dads, but my mum put a chair together and I almost made a bookshelf all on my own. I think B has taken to the new house – she’s enjoying having more space to (literally) run around in and investigate. On which note:


B is doing really well, particularly with her language and social skills. She is talking in sentences quite a lot now, and counted up to 14 the other day, much to my surprise! She’s still enjoying nursery and is having taster sessions in the toddler room to prepare her for moving ‘up’, which she’ll do once she’s two (in about a week’s time!). As I said, I think she likes the new house. We’ve tried to make her room quite similar to how she had her old room, but, as various people have said, I think she’s mainly OK as long as Mr C and I and her toy monkeys are around…and of course her cloths! She is obsessed with these, which are muslin squares we used to use when she was feeding, so she’s always had them around and now they’ve become sort of comfort blankets that she likes to have on or near her person a lot, especially at bedtime.

Medical matters

I think I’m feeling less tired overall, although moving was exhausting and I’m still finding I have to ration out my energy usage. I haven’t yet been back for the blood test to check my vitamin D levels. I should have done that this week but I didn’t want to have a blood test on my birthday so I didn’t go. Bad Bookmouse. I will go on Tuesday, which is now my day ‘off’ as B is going to nursery but I’m not going to work. I can’t remember if I said, but we’re trying this to see if it makes me any less tired. This is only the second week of the trial so I think it’s too early to tell! Also, I must resist doing strenuous things on Tuesdays otherwise this will defeat the object!


I’m still working on Bigger on the Inside…very…slow…ly, as in, I do about two rows every other week (which is when knitting group happens). I really should just do some relatively simple crochet on the side, otherwise I will be out of practice with it.



4 thoughts on “Back again

  1. New place looks fab and I love the bookshelves. I also like your Tuesday idea and am thinking about doing this at some point even if only for a morning. I have given up on blog as simple ran out of time or forgot to post things but yours is far more interesting so don’t stop!

  2. Yes, it would be sad for your readers if you stopped this blog altogether. Although I do recognise the feeling of wanting to make a fresh start and put the past behind you when you have just moved house. But in the future you may feel nostalgic about the olden days !

    Gosh Babymouse is so advanced in her talking. My grandson of the same age is nowhere near that level.

    It’s great that you have finally moved house, yay! It must be annoying having noisy neighbours though. It may be that in time you will notice it less and less and just tune it out. When we first moved into this house I was aware of all sorts of outside noises but I don’t even hear them now.

    Good news that you are feeling less tired. It sounds like an excellent idea to have a day to yourself once a week to renew your energy levels.

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