Quilting queen

This amazing quilt was made for B by The Crafty Mastermind, sewing genius, music lover and librarian. B’s had the quilt just after she was born, but she’s only recently started using it on her bed. It’s a work of art:

I love the unicorns!


Note the anchors – a maritime-related piece for Mr C

I’ve been meaning to photograph it for almost two years, but never got round to it until last week. I wish I’d used my better camera, but you can still see how lovely the quilt is. I don’t know which bit is my favourite – probably the unicorns and the little people, but all of it is amazing. Thank you Crafty Mastermind!

If anyone reading this is into sewing then you should take a look at Ms Mastermind’s online fabric/pattern shop, also called The Crafty Mastermind. It makes me wish I could sew!


Author: Lilian

Librarian who likes music, cataloguing, theology, gardening, crochet, ampersands, taking photos, baking & tea. Has CHD & pacemaker.

2 thoughts on “Quilting queen”

  1. That is such a beautiful quilt. I love the blend of colours and it looks so magical and whimsical. I think it will become a family heirloom.

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