This is just a short post to show you our new house. Sorry the pictures aren’t great – I took them a couple of weeks ago in artificial light at night, and there aren’t any pictures of B’s room because she was asleep in it at the time! I’ll try and post one later. Also, sorry I didn’t tidy up or move anything unsightly (like the bin full of tissues) out of the way…


3 thoughts on “Rooms

  1. That looks a great house – I expect you are really pleased with it. I really like your choice of furniture and pictures, ornaments, cushions etc. I want to ask you where you bought them all from :).

    I also like the little chairs for Babymouse. We bought a cheap green plastic table and chair set when we just had one grandson but now there are two of them (and the older one is a bit big for the chair anyway) so I could do with replacing it. Your garden has lots of potential. It is just the right size, plenty of places to plant things and for pots but still manageable. I bet you will lots of fun planning what you are going to do with it:)

    1. Thanks. Glad you like the house! I’ve had fun putting it all together. Most of the things come from Argos, IKEA, Dunelm, or Wilko. The little chairs used to be mine when I was a child. The wooden desk and chair used to be my (and my brother’s) high chair and the yellow chair was in my room from when I was about the age B is now! The teddy fabric (which you might not be able to see in the picture) is the same as the curtains I used to have in my bedroom when I was little. My mum made these and the chair cover. We’ve just started working on the garden now the weather has been a bit dryer – we’ve planted onions and garlic and mum has given us a couple of tomatoes. I need to dig all the beds over but I need a day when I have lots of energy!

      1. Thanks for letting me know where you bought things from. It has definitely given me inspiration as I could do with adding a few finishing touches to my house :). It must be nice for your Mum to see Babymouse sitting in the same chair (with the teddy fabric) as you did when you were that age.

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