Do we really need the moon? Thoughts on the UK’s referendum

This made me laugh today:

Thanks @llordllama and @daniel_barker. Needless to say,  I haven’t done much laughing this past week. I might as well tell you now, I voted to remain in the EU (as if you couldn’t tell), but even I didn’t really believe ‘we’ would vote to leave. I don’t know why I didn’t think this would happen – I suppose in the same way that one doesn’t think that the world is ever going to end (yes, I know it’s Not the End of the World),  tigers are never going to be extinct, etc. It just seemed too big to happen (too big to fail – ah-ha!), such a big change…although of course we won’t really feel any changes yet, it may never happen, what about Article 50…?

But we are feeling the effects of ‘our’ decision already – look at the mess our two main parties are in, and that is only one example. [Can anyone tell me what’s happened to the Lib Dems in all this? Rhetorical question, I will look it up.] More worryingly, (1) it seems that racist incidents are on the rise partly because (2) people who voted to leave the EU because they (the voters) are racist actually think that, now ‘we’ve’ voted to leave the EU, their immigrant neighbours will have to leave the UK. I personally know of people who voted to leave solely because they wanted their ‘foreign’ neighbours to go away. It is madness. I have always thought/known that humans are awful (apart from when they’re not) but I’ve generally been able to shy away from this thought, placing it at the back of my mind behind pandas, crochet and the works of J.R.R. Tolkien, but this past week (not to mention that awful goings on in Istanbul and everywhere else but sadly these have always been no more than background noise because otherwise how would we get up in the mornings?) has shoved it right to the front of the thought-queue.

Apart from being slapped in the face by the continuing awfulness of people, the EU referendum result has just made me plain anxious. Like a before-a-piano-exam anxiety sick feeling – I think this is mainly because I don’t like change very much but also because every social media outlet is full of angry people telling/reminding me how bad things are/going to get. I don’t, as some have argued, think people should calm down and just get on with their lives, I just think I should stop looking at Twitter. In any case, I am also angry, partly because I don’t think we should have had a referendum in the first place. It’s not the public’s job to make huge political decisions. That’s what politicians are for, for better or worse. We [as I have just been getting confused about on Twitter] cannot be held accountable (although we are indeed responsible) for our actions, which means the referendum is a bit like giving a child a massive loaded weapon to wave around in a crowded street…or something [hopefully a better metaphor].

Whichever way you voted (or even if you didn’t vote), it is hard, nay impossible, to deny that the UK is in a worse state today than it was a week ago.

Do we really need the moon?  Yes, of course we flipping do.


4 thoughts on “Do we really need the moon? Thoughts on the UK’s referendum

  1. The idea of a moon referendum is really funny 🙂

    I think the problem with a Yes/No referendum is that it is by it’s very nature harsh and divisive. But I think the reality will be much gentler and kinder and agreements reached.

    You are very eloquent in expressing your thoughts.

  2. I agree that we shouldn’t have had this referendum. And that if the general public are going to be asked to decide something so momentous, there should have been education and information about facts, not deceitful campaigns inciting hate crimes (and by the way, isn’t it illegal to incite hate crimes? Someone should be prosecuted for that!) I think the campaigning has been deplorable and I am disgusted by it. But I do think it is possible that something good might come of this whole mess, things needed stirring up, it just depends how they settle, which could also go either way…

    1. I hope you and Trish are right about things getting better post-referendum. I think you are right about things needed to be stirred up – if nothing else the referendum showed us how divided our country is and that we urgently need to do something about this – the question is what…

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