Crochet catch-up

I’ve made a few crochet items over the past few months, with varying degrees of success…

First #crochet I've done for months! Mini cowl.

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I made this one in June. The pattern is Catesby Three-Hour Cowl, by Kathryn Jones. It turned out quite small, I think because I didn’t have quite enough yarn. I will save it for B for when she’s older.

#hat #crochet Too small for me so modelled by husband.

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This one was also made in June, and was also too small, or at least too small for me, but I have a big head. It fits Mr C OK (as modelled). This pattern was The Hadley Slouch on Olive and Brook.

I did the Hadley Slouch again, using a fatter hook and adding more rows (I think) and ended up making a hat that fits me, but looks a bit like a Smurf hat:

Inadvertent Smurf #hat #crochet

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Chunky #crochet #cowl

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When it was really hot I made this chunky rubbed cowl by Lorene Haythorn (above). Not really the right project for summer but never mind!

Chunky palm leaf #crochet cowl. Modelled by #husband.

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Just before that, I made this cowl using a palm leaf stitch pattern. It’s based on a version of Kaitlyn, by Cheryl Chow.

My latest finished object is this baby’s pixie hat, modelled by Monkey:

Monkey models my latest #crochet effort. Pattern is Granny Pixie Hat by Kat Goldin.

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It’s a bit oddly shaped, but hopefully it will look better on my friend’s baby than it does on Monkey!  I’m currently working on some booties for the same baby in case she (or her parents) don’t like the hat!


One thought on “Crochet catch-up

  1. They are lovely. And the cowl is very fetchingly modelled by Mr C 🙂

    When my daughter was born we were given a lovely hand knitted cardigan from my Mum, a crotched hat from our neighbour and the most enormous pair of yellow booties you have ever seen from Auntie Nellie 🙂

    They were all made with love and they really meant a lot to me.

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