Starter for 10

To celebrate 10 years of me blogging with WordPress I’ve decided to share some of what I think are 10 highlights of my blogging life (AKA some stuff I wrote that I don’t hate). In no particular order:

  1. What will survive of us is love (August 2007)
  2. The shape of my heart  (December 2007)
  3. Birth story (March 2014)
  4. Phoneography challenge: my neighbourhood (March 2013)
  5. Catheter report (September 2007)
  6. A recipe for easy bun loaf (November 2007) (My most popular post according to WP stats!)
  7. Dr Giancarlo Rastelli (December 2010)
  8. The Rabbit Problem (June 2011)
  9. Miss Happiness and Miss Flower (December 2011)
  10. Weekly photo challenge: happy (October 2012)

5 thoughts on “Starter for 10

  1. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your ten posts. I have read most of them before but there are a couple which were before I started reading your blog. It is true that what survives of us is love, but also for some people, their blog posts 🙂

    I have been researching my family tree and have recently got back to 1775 with one branch so far. It has been a fascinating experience and it does tend to put everything in perspective. We all have our own short time when we are alive so we should make the most of it. But one thing which is sad is that although I know the basic facts about my ancestors, I don’t know what they were like as people, because they have left virtually no written record behind.

    My grandma died when I was a few months old and the only things I own which give me some clue about her personality (apart from what my Mum has told me) are two postcards she wrote. Imagine that – the postcards you hastily compose whilst on holiday are all that your granddaughter knows about you!

    So your blog will be a wonderful thing for Babymouse and all your future family. Maybe you should print it all out and bind it in an attractive cover. Also, it is important to print it all out – even the times when you are not feeling positive. It gives a rounded picture of what a human being is like and it is endearing.

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