I am a librarian. At work, I try and help people find things, either by cataloguing them or by working with people using the library. At home, I enjoy knitting, crochet, gardening, writing (usually non-fiction), reading eclectically, making dinners, watching sci-fi, cooking programmes and mystery series, and attempting to learn Hebrew. Not all at the same time. Well, I can knit and watch stuff at the same time, but that’s as far as it goes. Out and about, I like going to the seaside, taking photographs, singing in choirs, and sometimes playing my flute if I can find an opportunity to do so. I go to church and I enjoy theology, but I don’t think I’ve quite mastered being a Christian. My ambitions are to learn to sing properly, improve my piano skills,  play the cello and saxophone, do a tour of America by public transport, go on a cruise to New York (maybe combine these two?), be good, and stay calm. I have a congenital heart defect and a pacemaker. I’ve been writing blog posts in various places since 2003, which is possibly far too long.

I can also be found on Twitter and Flickr.

You might like to see where I’m from, and you can still read my old ‘About’ page if you want to.

22 thoughts on “About

  1. Lilian
    I’ve been reading your post of 4 August through my reader but when I tried to click through to your blog I got a very pretty but daunting 404 page. Linking to your postings they seem to stop at 3 August.

    I’ll bookmark the post and try again in a couple of days because I wanted to comment on your “bad” Tuesday.

  2. Lilian,

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I thought I might return the favor, and found a talented, expressive writer as an unexpected reward. If you don’t mind, and turnabout being fair play, I will put you on MY blogroll.

    Be well!

  3. Hi Lillian,

    I have now handed in my portfolio and am awaiting judgment!
    In the mean time I have started a new, post chartership trauma, blog and wanted to list you on the blog roll.

    Have you now chartered, should I list you as a Librarian or a Chartership candidate? And which blog address would you like listed?

    I hope all is well.


  4. I was delighted to learn of your visit to my humble, long-winded blog, and to know that you enjoyed it. I have lots of moods – sometimes aimed at being humorous, some more reflective – although I admit to sometimes missing their mark! In any event, be prepared for anything when you drop in!

    I am happy to “meet” a librarian. As stated above, my beloved aunt was a librarian at Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas. She started her work there as an assistant, as a young woman, and ended up making a career of it. She never had a degree in library science, but was extremely talented and a very capable librarian. In addition to being very well-read, she was a fount of information and knew where to direct anyone in their search for information on practically any subject. What more could you desire from a librarian? I always intended to follow in her footsteps, and volunteered to work in the libraries of whatever school I attended, but my life ended up going in another direction. While I don’t regret my decision – I have always been happy with the road taken – I am nevertheless a bit wistful about it all – and still contemplate getting an MLS someday, in spite of having arrived at the “ripe old age” of 59!

    I am also in complete agreement with (almost) all of your likes and dislikes, and find your other information intriguing! We have much in common! I particularly loved your dislike of George Bush! Amen, sister! – we are in complete agreement – and mine extends to father AND son. As well, too, for every other Republican who has served as our President. How we have managed to survive the terms of their so-called “leadership” is often beyond my ken, but I admit with joy that God is Good! 😀

    Please come back as often as you dare, and leave a comment so I know you’ve been there. As I am a great lover of books, I will close this lengthy comment with the link to one of my “limerick-y” odes – this one called “Ode to My Books.” I LOVE your blog, and I’ll be back! Glad I could make you smile!


    Cheers! And thank you!

  5. I love books, and enjoy reading your about page here. Nicely thought out and organized list. Have a great day.

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