Books 2009


PopCo, by Scarlett Thomas

Nation, by Terry Pratchett

Just: Imagine the Social Justice Imagine Agenda, by Danielle Strickland and Campbell Roberts

Sex God, by Rob Bell

The Selfless Gene, by Charles Forster

The Tales of Beedle the Bard, by JK Rowling

The Testament of Gideon Mack, by James Robertson

Black Swan Green, by David Mitchell

The Closed Circle, by Jonathan Coe

The Earthsea Quartet, by Ursula K. Le Guin

Northern Lights, by Philip Pullman (re-read)

The Subtle Knife, by Philip Pullman (re-read)

And Now Let’s Move into a Time of Nonsense,  by Nick Page

The Amber Spyglass, by Philip Pullman

Woman: The Full Story, by Michele Guinness

Detective Duos, by Michelle Muller

Good Bones, by Margaret Atwood

The Grace Outpouring, by Roy Godwin

One Good Turn, by Kate Atkinson

Cat’s Eye, by Margaret Atwood

The Unseen Academicals, by Terry Pratchett

The Sea, by John Banville

Five Red Herrings, by Dorothy L. Sayers


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