Choral society

I have joined another choir! It is on my day of rest, so in theory I should have enough energy to go to it, although this hasn’t been the case every week so far.But I have managed to get to a few rehearsals. We’re doing Mozart’s Mass in C Minor, which I haven’t sung before, and Vivaldi’s Gloria, which I have. It is fun and challenging. The conductor is fun and not scary (yes, it is possible for a conductor to be fun and scary). I had to do my ‘voice test’ the other night. This wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be, mainly because I singing with another person and not entirely on my own. Despite the fact that I couldn’t pick out and sing the lower of two notes played together on the piano (I’m sure I could do this once –¬†what’s happened?), which was a bit embarrassing, I have not been thrown out of the choir. Also, I am definitely an alto. Hooray!