Show time

Last weekend, I had my first experience of one of the most British of things: the village show. One of my friends lives in a small village just outside Canterbury, and she was participating in their autumn village show. All the things you would expect to find at a village show were there –  tasty-looking cakes and biscuits:

Mince pies


Vegetable flan

floral displays:


and of course giant vegetables:

Giant pumpkins
Giant marrows

My friend won several prizes and was runner-up overall. She’s very good at baking, and we were lucky enough to be able to eat the prize-winning goods afterwards. Yum.

PhotoHunt: Framed

I might have overdone the frames for this week’s theme!

The photo is the middle is a door at Canterbury Cathedral. The ones round the outside, starting at the top left and going clockwise are: the Heilandskirche in Sarcow (sorry website is in German), stonework on Rochester Cathedral, underneath that is my kitchen window, to the right of that is a chandelier and mirror in a friend’s wedding reception venue, under that is the door of the Ashmolean Musuem, then a view of the  bottom of the Berlin Television Tower through the window of Alexanderplatz Station. The two smaller photos are pictures of windows in British railway stations. The one on the bottom is at Paddington Station and the one on top of that is at St Pancras. The photo in the bottom left is a side door of Rochester Cathedral – I think there’s a proper name for this door, but I can’t remember what it is!

There are lots of other interpretations of this week’s theme at the PhotoHunt page.


We went to Berlin for a wedding at the weekend. It’s a very beautiful city and the wedding was lovely. I’ve been spending a bit too much time messing about with Picasa today.

Summer solstice

I forgot it was the summer solstice yesterday, but I took these photos because the evening light was so nice. It never looks quite as good in photographs (or at least not my photographs), but still.

More photos of Oxford

It is a horrible, grey and wet day here today. I think the weather is affecting my brain, so today’s offering will not contain many words, but will mainly made up of more photos of an also rather grey and dark Oxford.

Covered Market 1
Entrance to the Covered Market from High Street
The High Street
Pointy buildings
Leaves in the dark
Leaves in the dark


Spring Harvest inadequately summarised

I went to Spring Harvest (which I keep rather vaguely describing to people as “a big Christian thing”) over the Easter weekend. I would write more about it, but I’m still processing the stuff I learned and experienced, so writing about it in public will have to wait, if indeed this ever happens. In summary, it was absorbing, exciting, fascinating, gripping, inspirational, interesting, intriguing, inviting, provocative, refreshing, stirring. (Guess who looked up ‘thought-provoking’ in a thesaurus?)  It was also a lot of fun and great to spend time with and get to know people from our church, plus some people we’d never met before.

Apart from this, we saw some interesting wildlife:



Who would have thought a weekend at Butlin’s could be so exciting?